Dr Who’s Tardis


An exact replica of the Doctor's broken time machine, circa Season 18. The Season 18, Tom Yardley design of the beloved TARDIS is my favorite. Years ago, I set out to exactly replicate this road-weary, well-proportioned incarnation of the iconic prop. It began with a solid year of research and digital recreation. Parts were machined in Los Angeles, additional molds and parts were collected from overseas and around the US. Ultimately, she was assembled and painted in Florida. We documented the process and I'll be sharing the journey in a series available on our Patreon channel. Stay Tuned!

03 // Services


We are passionate about getting it done rightOur unique cross-discipline approach allows for better, more efficient, work. When all creative departments are in communication, working together, the result is a more unified, elevated, and emotionally satisfying product for our customers.

Design and Pre-Visualization

Exquisite Design and Photo Real simulations.  What you see is what you get! 

–  Quick Design Turn Around
–  Realistic Pre-Visualizations
–  Solidworks and Rhino
–  CAD and Blueprints
–  Modeling of Real Assets

Fabrication and Production

Out of the Computer and in to the Real World.

  Engineer as we Design
  From CAD to CNC
  Talented Fabricating Teams
  Creative Supervision

Post-Production Audio and Video

Better than Hollywood.  Our capabilities rival any studio.   

–  Commercials
–  Music Videos
–  Trailers
–  Feature Films
–  Proof of Concept

Original Music and Sound Design

Advertising and scale help to have a unique plan for your brand’s life.

–  Film Scores
–  Amusement Park Attractions
–  Commissioned Pieces
–  Soundscapes


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